Packages And Pricing

Fees are due at the time of the shoot. Birth shoots are due at the end of the birth before we part ways =).

Beautiful Beginnings: This session is my favorite to shoot. You need to call me in your 8th-9th month and notify me of your due date so I can be on call. When you go into labor you can notify me via phone call or text and I will meet you at your home/birth center/ hospital. I will stay through all the parts of your beautiful birth. There's enough going on, no one should have to worry about capturing that special moment. With the Beautiful Beginnings package, the price includes, session fee and CD. If you choose a package it will be a separate charge. -$150

Vanilla Package: 8 Wallets, 2 4x6, 1 5x7, 1 8x10 - $45.00

Strawberry Package: 12 Wallets, 4 4x6, 2 5x7, 1 8x10 : OR 1 5x7 and 2 8x10 - $55.00

Chocolate Package: 16 Wallets, 6 4x6, 2 5x7, 2 8x10 - $65.00 

Pickles and Ice Cream Package: 32 Wallets, 8 4x6, 4 5x7, 2 8x10 - $115

Just Cd with Photographers Release to print (No editing by anyone other than photographer): $60
OR add a cd to the package of your choice: $30

Session Fee: $115


For anyone who wants photographs done in the botanical gardens, Grapevine and Fortworth, charge 75$ per hour for the photographer to photograph in the gardens. At the time before entering the gardens, you would have to pay the 75$ on top of paying me. You do NOT have to have photos in the gardens. Parks and other places are free and fine also. This is just for people who WANT photos done in the gardens.